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Bushido Japan

Mission: Awaken the Bushido spirit!

Have you ever heard the word “Bushido”?

The samurai class no longer exists in modern times, but the noble spirit of “Bushido” which they pursued gives us strength and purpose of how to live in the present. Our mission at BUSHIDO JAPAN is to awaken that spirit.

By learning and experiencing various martial arts that the samurai trained in, you will come to strengthen both body and mind. Let’s embark on getting closer to the life of the samurai!

Strength and Respect

Achieving this state is the ultimate goal of martial arts. We train in order to become strong together and practice mutual respect. BUSHIDO JAPAN believes that at the core of martial arts, true strength comes from respecting others without the need to resort to combat.

In the past, it is said that the samurai immediately realized the power of the opponent they faced, and that victory was decided before even drawing swords.

A Valuable Martial Arts Experience Learned from True Folklore

Anyone can learn and experience the martial arts of BUSHIDO JAPAN. Our instructors are kind and dedicated to the continued improvement of both physical prowess and mind. You can experience the true spirit of martial arts from even one class. If you continue to devote yourself, you may one day become a teacher of BUSHIDO JAPAN!