Tea Gathering

Tea Gathering



The lifelong practice of tea ceremony is known as Chado, or the Way of Tea, which is the spiritual and aesthetic discipline for the refinement of the self. To prepare and savor tea is a perfect way to feel mindfulness, as has been practiced by the people of Japan for centuries.  I hope the “once in a lifetime” occasion spent together over a bowl of matcha would serve you a better understanding of our culture, history and customs of Japanese people.

Machiko Hoshina

Machiko Hoshina

Tea Master, practitioner of Urasenke school, and bilingual instructor of Japanese tea ceremony.  I was born in Tokyo, Japan to the Daimyo (Lord of Samurai) family line of Edo era which spans 800 years of history with grandmother whose birth was the Tokugawa Shogun family.  I am the director of CHAREN, organizing and teaching Chado at embassies, companies, and international schools. Author of Eigo DE Chanoyu.

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Chado with Master Machiko Hoshina

Time and Days Consultation Required
Duration 70~120 minutes
Location Tokyo
Number of People 1 to 50
Cost ¥30,000 per person
  1. Introduction to the moral path called CHADO, the Way of Tea
  2. Chakai, tea gathering: Master Machiko will make tea and explain the procedure in English at the same time. The details will awaken your senses and awareness.
  3. Q & A
Cancellation/Refund Policy
  • 100% – 24 hours before and day of Experience
  • 75% – 2 to 7 days befoe the Experience
  • 50% – 7 to 10 days befoe the Experience


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