Traditional Martial Arts

Traditional Martial Arts



Martial arts shall be practised as a way to achieve peace and balance within oneself and with the world around us. By training karate, jujutsu, and kobudo together, we can achieve a complete understanding of manners, balance, body awareness, and effective ways to know how to not hurt oneself and others by addressing internal and external conflict in peaceful and controlled ways.

Gianluca Bonanno

Gianluca Bonanno

Born in Italy, raised in the UK, I have spent the last 18 years in Japan. I’ve been training karate, jujutsu and kobudo since early childhood, practising and teaching them in more than 30 countries. I teach professionals of many of those countries, while also on a mission to bring the beauty and peace of martial arts to all people. For this purpose, I also use them professionally as therapy for the physical and behavioural treatment of psychophysiological disorders and the advancement of peace in underprivileged communities.

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Karate - Jujutsu - Kobudo mixed training

Time and Days Tuesday (7:00pm - 9:00pm) and Friday (7:30pm - 9:30pm)
Location Kyoto
Number of People 1 – 10
Cost ¥7,000 per person
What to Bring (optional) Drinking water and towel
Bring your own do-gi or wear exercise clothing.
  • basic to advanced techniques of attacks, kicks, and blocks.
  • advanced breathing exercises.
  • Tai-sabaki (body movement coordination), balance training, breakfalls (learning how to fall in different situations).
  • pressure points (in both attacks and defence).
  • ground and throwing techniques.
  • Kata (forms) and sparring (for those with some experience).
  • stick/baton/tonfa/sai techniques (basic to advanced).

We train in the traditional way and follow the traditional dojo etiquette (not competition-style).

Training is inclusive of explanations of the meaning, history, and development of what is being practised.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
  • 100% – 24 hours before and day of Experience
  • 75% – 2 to 7 days befoe the Experience
  • 50% – 7 to 10 days befoe the Experience


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