Exclusive Sumo Experience

Exclusive Sumo Experience


Exclusive Sumo Experience

Koto, Tokyo

Sumo, one of Japan’s national sports, is a martial art with a history that began thousands of years ago. The sumo wrestlers tie a “mage” and wrap a thick belt called “mawashi” around their waist during a match. The appearance of a modern samurai fighting for his life will be an incredibly intense memory.

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VIP Sumo

Time and Days Consultation Required (not available during Sumo tournaments).
Number of People 1 - 5
Cost ¥20,000 per person
  • Explanation of Sumo rules

  • Training observation (talking, eating, and drinking are prohibited)

  • Chanko lunch (traditional stew with meat and vegetalbles) with Sumo wrestlers

  • Picture time

*Small kids should refrain from participating

Other information

Chanko is a meal particular to the sumo room. You will have the opportunity to speak with wrestlers and masters.


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